Pro 1 Arm Restraints – Tethers ONLY – Quick Disconnect

$49.99 CAD

Pro 1 Arm Restraints – Tethers ONLY


Pro 1 Arm Restraints – Tethers ONLY

The PRO 1 quick disconnect tethers allow a driver to have the arm restraint length adjusted properly where it keeps the drivers arms/hands inside the car (cage) in the event of a accident/rollover. But gives the driver the ability to be belted in the car and to be able to reach his/her helmet if its out of reach (on top of cage) and then after reaching helmet simply the attach quick connect tether to the rings on the jacket.

The webbing is looped on seat belt end and DOES NOT have a metal ring on that end. These quick disconnect tethers only are for jackets that have the rings on the sleeves installed.

The tethers on the seat belt belt end must be installed on the lap belts where when the driver/crew member/safety personel releases the seat belts the tethers release as well when the belts are released so the driver can get out quickly in the event of a accident/fire (the tethers would stay connected to the jacket).

Ships to Canada Only

Made in the USA

SFI Certified Manufacturer

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 33.02 × 29.21 × 15.24 cm


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