Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 5pm

16 North Shore Court Rocky View County AB T1Z OH4

Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 5pm

16 North Shore Court Rocky View County AB T1Z OH4


Canada's Pros

Whether you are looking for a fast street car or a consistent bracket ride, we have over 30 years experience of working on hot rods and 15 years of NHRA/IHRA super class racing combined with high level bracket racing experience. 

How we use it

This experience has given us the skills and knowledge to turn anything into a winner. Call us today to get your program on track to consistently performing at the highest level.

Maximizing The Potential Of Your Car

What Can YOU Achieve?

We've all seen that driver who can "hop in anything" and win. If they hopped in your car, how would they do?

If you're looking for a car you're proud of, one that prints tickets while being ultra-safe and looking amazing, give us a call.

We can talk through what you're after and show you how easy it is.

dragster rear end

Suspension Setup

Complete Rear End and Suspension setup, service and support

ignition and wiring

Featuring our hassle free label system and premium wire and connectors

engine block being assembled

Fragola Hose and Plumbing

Certified Fragola hose dealer and manufacturer.


T&T Perfomance Engines

From freshening your current motor to a new build, we have access to an inertia dyno, just up the road at Brad’s Automotive Machine as well.


Our shop features custom welding and fabrication of any piece or part you can imagine.

engine on dyno

Troubleshooting & Consultation

At-track or by-phone troubleshooting for engine, chassis, suspension, electrical and complete building consultation.

Brands We Depend On

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